Deep Soil Mixing System

Deep soil mixing (DSM) is a technique of mixing the binder with the soil to improve the consistency, strength, deformation characteristics, and permeability of the soil. It is designed to provide total and differential settlement control and to increase bearing support to meet project requirements, increase the resistance against liquefaction and limit dynamic settlements.
The deep soil mixing system (DSM) is an in situ soil treatment in which native soils or fills are blended with cementitious and/or other materials, typically referred to as binders by using auger and cutter blades.


DSM system has become preferred replacements for massive over-excavation and replacement or deep foundations, including driven piles, drilled shafts or augered cast-in-place piles. Sentez Insaat engineers work with you and your specific soil conditions and loads to engineer a project-specific practical solution to improve your ground.

Excavation Support
Cut-off Walls
Dock Structures
Floor Slabs
Industrial Facilities
Storage Tanks
MSE Walls/Embankment Support
Tunnel Support

The Construction Process

Two types of DSMs can be installed: wet mixing and dry mixing. Dry mixing uses binders in powder (dry) form that react with the water already present in the soil. Wet mixing involves injecting binders in slurry (wet) form to blend with the soil.

1. In both of dry and wet mixings, the soil-binder mixture is formed to the design depth by using auger and cutter blades.
2. After driving to design depth, the construction is completed according to the method chosen to process the binding material by mixing upward.

During the both processes (down and up), the rigid column is constructed by providing a uniform dosage of soil-binder mixture in a pre-determined diameter and volume.


The soil-binder composite material provides high strength and stiffness. The DSM system eliminates casing and allows the construction in high groundwater table.


The DSM system expands to depths of 30m.

Strong and Stiff

Blending results in high density and high strength DSM elements provide superior support capacity, excellent settlement control and increase bearing pressure up to 0.7-3.5 MPa.


The DSM system can be used for various soil and groundwater conditions, including deep treatment for liquefaction.


Often results in 20% to 50% savings compared to traditional deep foundation alternatives.


Rapid installation process means shorter schedules.


Projects are engineered by Sentez Insaat Engineers.