Sentez Insaat is designing and installing Rammed Aggregate Piers (RAPs) under the license of Geopier Foundation Company (GFC) in Turkey, Morocco and Azerbaijan.

RAP System is an intermediate foundation system ideal for supporting structures on loose and compressible soils, it is environmental, friendly and economical solution.

RAP Systems can be installed using replacement (Geopier System) or displacement (Impact System) methods, depending on site requirements. The unique installation process utilizes vertical impact ramming energy, resulting in unsurpassed strength and stiffness. RAP Systems are used to reinforce good to poor soils, including soft to stiff clay and silt, loose to dense sand, organic silt and peat, variable uncontrolled fill and soils below the ground water table.

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Geopier Foundation Company Geopier Foundation Company who is the licensor of RAP is giving license in USA and in other countries in the world and RAPs are used as an alternative solution in soil improvement projects. GFC checks all of the designs and approves them before their execution.